Natural Vitamin D

Sunflexion allows your skin to produce Vitamin D
all year round

Natural Vitamin D, all year round, everywhere, during normal outdoor activities

SUNFLEXION® is a patented rhinestone-like light guide for clothes that can have the shape of a dome, a gem, a stud, or the like.

SUNFLEXION® rhinestones collect sunlight from all directions, guiding it towards the covered skin, providing natural vitamin D synthesis also in the wintertime. Additionally, it gives an exclusive look to the clothing piece.

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How it works

Light collectors gather, guide and gently diffuse the sunlight to the skin and blocking the harmful UVA radiations, to avoid tanning and protecting the skin.

Skin protection:
The crystal clear optical elements are engineered to select the “good” light for the vitamin D production and to exclude potentially harmful UVA radiations.


Simple embedding

Before embedding the rhinestones, suitable hole dimensions and finishings should be manufactured in the fabric. According to the designer’s needs, various shapes and embedding techniques are possible, including gluing or adhesive.

Affordable and eco-friendly

SUNFLEXION® rhinestones are recyclable, low cost, and lightweight.

Protection from sun overexposure

The guided sunlight diverges safely toward the skin spreading uniformly over a larger area, synthesizing more vitamin D, reflecting UVA rays and reducing the radiation intensity.


SUNFLEXION® rhinestones can be embedded into any fabric to be worn directly on skin. The devices are ideal for trousers, leggings, sweaters, dresses, cycling tights and t-shirts.

Sunflexion app

SUNFLEXION® studs are delivered together with a free mobile application.

The app helps the user safely through the daily optimal sun exposure maximizing natural vitamin D production.

Consumers can have personalized feedback on their vitamin D level by entering personal skin tone, UV protection used, and GPS location.

Sunflexion in Action

Some examples of use of Sunflexion garments



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Vitamin D and Health

It is well-known that 80% of the population worldwide suffers from a moderate or severe form of vitamin D deficiency.

It can be prevented by safely exposing the skin to sunlight during the colder seasons when traditional clothing build a barrier to the sunlight.

SUNFLEXION® makes it possible! Increasing the amount of vitamin D, prevents osteoporosis, depression, cholesterol, and coronary heart diseases.

Numbers Speak

Population worldwide suffers from a moderate or severe form of vitamin D deficiency.
Europeans are vitamin D deficient
Vitamin D Market Value

Why vitamin D is so important?​

Healthy body!

Vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. It also strengthens your immune and respiratory systems and prevents cancer.

Strong hearth!

Vitamin D protects against cardiovascular diseases and promotes weight loss.

Happy mind!

Vitamin D strengthens the nervous system by preventing sclerosis and depression and reduces the likelihood of getting the flu.


Scientific studies have associated vitamin D deficiency with greater exposure to Covid and its more aggressive clinical manifestations.
Vitamin D plays an important role in reducing the risk of acute viral respiratory tract infections and pneumonia.

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