Get Natural Vitamin D,
all year round, everywhere, during your outdoor activities

SUNFLEXION® is a sportswear line for men, women and children with lightguides that capture natural sunlight and diffuse it to the skin covered by the garment.

Sunflexion allows you to recharge your Vitamin D while you are having fun outdoor! 


Sunlight produces vitanim D on the skin, but traditional clothing blocks 99,9% of the daylight, building a barrier.

Regular sun exposure is the most natural way to get enough vitamin D.

SUNFLEXION® make it possible, all year round! by safely exposing the skin to sunlight during the colder seasons and even in countries with a harsh climate.

How it works

SUNFLEXION® is a patented rhinestone-like light guide for clothes.

Sunlight is collected from all directions and diffuses towards the covered skin, providing natural vitamin D synthesis also in the wintertime. Additionally, it gives an exclusive look to the clothing piece.

Skin protection:
The crystal clear optical elements feels confortable on the skin and are engineered to apread the sunlight uniformly over a larger skin area and to reduce harmful UVA radiations.

Safely expose your skin to sunlight during the colder seasons

Checkout our innovative design for Women, Men, and Children

A perfect outfit to fill up with vitamin D while having fun outdoors

Vitamin D and Health

It is well-known that 80% of the population worldwide suffers from a moderate or severe form of vitamin D deficiency.

It can be prevented by safely exposing more the skin to sunlight during the colder seasons when traditional clothing build a barrier to the sunlight.

SUNFLEXION® makes it possible! Increasing the amount of vitamin D, prevents osteoporosis, depression, cholesterol, and coronary heart diseases.

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